Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Next Meeting :: 050908 :: The Flex Challenge

Our next EMAWD meeting will be May 9th @ 2PM at FableVision (308 Congress Street).

The Flex Challenge

The topic of the meeting will be Flex. Matt Bargar will be presenting, but he needs your help.

To prove (or disprove) Flex’s abilities to be used for rapid development of rich internet applications, Matt will attempt to build a Flex application from scratch in our meeting. Please help by suggesting an application you’d like to see Matt build during the meeting. Suggestions can be useful, clever, or just plain silly.

So far, suggestions include:

  • A Blog Aggregator – culls entries from your favorite blogs in one place
  • Power Hour Music Mixer – see Power Hour
  • Montage Maker – Input text, the Montage Maker will pull images from flickr to create a photographic montage

Please post your suggestions as comments here or send your suggestions directly to me (brian@fablevision.com).


1 comment:

ericrosenbaum said...

How about a "picture story" or rebus maker app?

You enter some text, then click on words to replace them with image search results.

My friend Rahul did this years ago in java:


Here's what the result looks like: