Friday, March 21, 2008

Simple Tweener Example

Here's a simple demo I made using what I learned from Max's demo. We wanted a simple "thermometer bar" for a project, and I wanted some simple animation to give a little more interest. It took just 3 lines of Tweener code to add the animation, and basically no time at all!


Monday, March 17, 2008

EMAWD :: Kickoff Meeting :: 031408

Welcome to EMAWD! (Educational Multimedia and Web Developers)

We are a group of Boston-area Multimedia and Web Developers primarily in the educational technology space. The goal of the group is provide an opportunity to connect with and learn from other individuals in our industry. We have monthly meetings on the second Friday of each month. Each meeting focuses on a presentation by one of our members on a group-chosen topic.

Our first meeting was this past Friday, March 14th, 2008 @ FableVision.
In attendance were:
  • Max Antinori - Freelance Developer (Flash)
  • Matt Bargar - FableVision - Developer (Flash)
  • Margarita Dekoli - Freelance Developer (Flash, SmallTalk, Squeak)
  • Bob Flynn - FableVision - Artist (Flash)
  • Brian Grossman - FableVision - Developer (Flash / Web)
  • Mike Horn - PhD Candidate Tufts (Human Computer Interaction)
  • Jason LaCouture - FableVision - Developer (Flash / Web)
  • Kenny Leibe - MFA - Developer (Flash, Database)
  • Ryan McNulty - FableVision - Developer (Flash)
  • Brice Norton - Six Red Marbles - Multimedia Specialist (Flash / Director)
  • Neil Robbins - Freelance Developer (Flash / Director)
  • Tony Yang - Freelance Developer (Director)

After introductions, Max Antinori gave a great presentation on some useful Flash extensions including:

Fuse (AS2):
Max's Fuse Demo

Max's Tweener / PaperVision Demo

google code site:

very cool demo, including bezier stuff, using PP3D:


lots o' examples:

Next Month's Meeting - 4/11
At our next meeting, April 11th, Brian Grossman will be giving a primer on databases. Topics include when to use DBs, DB tools, DB design 101, simple commands, and optimization. It will be a high-level discussion that should hopefully be enough to provide the necessary tools for anyone who's a little queasy about the prospect of getting into databases.

Future Topics
Future Topics include:
  • ActionScript 3.0
  • AIR
  • AJAX
  • AMFPHP / Flash Remoting
  • Debugging Flash
  • Flash Lite
  • Flex
  • Mike's Crazy Robitics / Visual Programming Language Thesis
  • Scratch
  • Squeak
  • XRAY

All are welcome to come to meetings and contribute to this blog.

Questions to Brian Grossman (